The Course.


Participants will have the choice of a 6km, 10km or 18km course. 

All three options will start on the front lawns of Pegasus Bay Winery and parking will be provided nearby.

The 6 and 10km options are designed to be fun, and participants may choose to either run or walk these. Due to the distance involved, the 18km course is only available to adult runners or hybrids.

Please note the terrain for all three options includes vineyard rows, paths and trails, and as such there may be some uneven ground so care should be taken at all times. Entrants should also ensure they have appropriate footwear. 

Vine Run 6km

There is a short rise to start and then it is relatively flat through the vineyards until the end of the course where there is another brief incline to bring you back to the finish line.

Vine Run 10km

This follows the same course until the 6km mark where there is a split. The additional distance includes some surrounding land where there are some short ascents / descents, although nothing technical.

Both 6km and 10km will start together at 9.30am. Walkers will be asked to stay to the back to ease congestion.

Vine Run 18km

This option will start an hour earlier at 8.30am is adults only and is not available to walkers. It includes a further 8km loop on an adjacent piece of land, which will be completed first, before joining the 10km course.

The terrain is mostly trails, with a gradual incline up to approximately 140m. The views from the top are majestic and look out over the Waipara Valley and Pegasus Bay. This will be a tough challenge but highly rewarding.